In recent years, Genteq Constant Airflow (Variable Speed) ECM Indoor Blower motors have become commonplace. With this trend comes the need for effective diagnostic equipment to analyze HVAC systems that use this technology.

The Genteq TECInspect service tool is an easy to use device that will analyze the Genteq variable speed motor independent of the HVAC system. Variable speed motor models covered by TECInspect include Genteq ECM models 2.0, 2.3, Eon and 3.0.

This tool is specially designed to detect and isolate motor failures from other HVAC system failures.

Complete instructions for operating the TECInspect service tool can be found in the ECM Service Guide. A copy of this guide is included in the box with the TECInspect tool.

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The TECInspect tool was previously branded TECMate PRO. For more information about these tools and the ECM products they apply to CLICK HERE

This tool is also available through many HVAC distributors. To find a distributor nearest to you, please use our Distributor Locator. The catalog number for TECInspect is GA447.