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Orginally launched in 2001, this site provides HVAC and commercial refrigeration technicians, contractors, distributors, students and instructors with technical and product installation information, sales and service tools, online educational tools, information on training programs, and technical support. This site is your number-one resource for Regal’s four HVAC and commercial refrigeration brands: Genteq, Fasco, Century and Morrill Motors.

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Genteq creates innovative, premium comfort and electrical components. With a proven reputation for high quality, highly reliable products, Genteq is the preferred brand throughout the climate control industry.

Fasco has delivered the world's most complete line of custom fractional horsepower motors and blowers for almost 100 years. Our motors power thousands of products for a diverse line of markets. Plus, our expanding global presence, superior customer service and experienced staff can provide you with the highest quality product at a competitive cost.

Century is an established and respected brand, indicating reliability, stability and innovation among all product lines including HVACR. Some of Century’s most recognizable products include HeatMaster Ultra, MasterFit Pro and MultiFit.

Dedicated to quality, customer service and performance, Morrill Motors leads the way in commercial/refrigeration. Whether it’s supermarket display cases or beverage and food dispensers, Morrill Motors provides a customized, integrated cooling package for any refrigeration needed.


In recent years, Genteq Constant Airflow (Variable Speed) ECM Indoor Blower motors have become commonplace. With this trend comes the need for effective diagnostic equipment to analyze HVAC systems that use this technology.

The Genteq TECInspect service tool is an easy-to-use device that will analyze the Genteq variable speed motor independent of the HVAC system. Variable speed motor models covered by TECInspect include Genteq ECM models 2.0, 2.3, Eon and 3.0.

This tool is specially designed to detect and isolate motor failures from other HVAC system failures.

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