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Evergreen History

Genteq first introduced Evergreen motors in 2007 to a limited market. The motor was designed to cover residential air handlers, heat pumps, and electric heat only, not for use on fossil fuel. Seven years later, Evergreen has expanded to meet the growing demands of the HVAC industry. 

Evergreen IM

The world's first universal ECM aftermarket motor for residential heating and cooling applications. It features a patented rotation detection technology and offers dual voltage capabilities. Evergreen IM can save the homeowner up to $300/year and will reduce your stock of PSC motors. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to offer your customers energy savings.

Evergreen CM

Commercial building series VAV box replacement motor can be integrated into a low voltage system controller to change speeds if needed for low or high occupancy and building non-occupancy set back. Slow ramp up and ramp down so that there is less noise. Higher efficiency greatly enhances the ability of energy efficient systems to qualify for US government rebates as defined in various energy bills. Click for information or to purchase ECM motor controllers: EVO Control or Hoffman Control.

Evergreen EM

Highly reliable. Highly efficient. And now, highly available. Genteq’s Evergreen EM is designed to replace OEM ECM X13 motors quickly and easily – without complicated programming. Best of all, they are readily available at any of your better local HVAC distributors. Evergreen EM provides the same comfort, lower utility bills and air quality as the OEM X13 ECM motor, with less hassle for you. With Evergreen EM, increasing your bottom line just got a little easier.

Evergreen Mounting Kit

The Evergreen Mounting Kits comes with everything you would need to mount the Evergreen motor. These mounting kits come in a 10", 11" and 13". These kits are available at distributors nationwide. However, if your local distributor does not stock it you can order one right here. Click here to buy the Evergreen Mounting Kit