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ECM Replacement Control

Did you know that every major manufacturer of variable-speed heating and cooling equipment now offers money-saving replacement controls for their Genteq ECM blower motors?

Technicians can replace an ECM control for roughly the same cost as replacing a standard induction motor, and usually in less time.

Although ECM failure rates are extremely low, a need for service can be caused by improper installation, material defects, manufacturing errors, or external conditions. Time-tested engineering ensures that the mechanical motor is extremely unlikely to fail – the most common problem found is in the electronic controls.

High out-of-warranty service costs have always been a key objection for contractors and homeowners who purchase variable-speed equipment. To address this concern, Genteq has worked together with equipment manufacturers, developing a replacement control program to help bring down the high replacement cost typically associated with replacing variable-speed motors.

Replacement controls let you service ECMs at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire motor. The controls are completely self-contained, with a modular design that allows for quick change-outs. The motor itself does not even need to be removed from the blower casing; simply remove the old control module and replace it with a new one. The result: quick, easy service calls, lower labor costs, and happier homeowners.

All major equipment manufacturers offer replacement controls for use with ThinkTank 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 and 3.0 motors. To aid in field service, replacement controls for ThinkTank 2.0 and 2.3 also come with a diagnostic guide written in English to help technicians verify whether or not the motor module needs to serviced.

Remember: one of the key benefits of ECM technology is that manufacturers can program the motor to work perfectly with the specific airflow needs and special features of their equipment. With customized, OEM-proprietary programming in place, the replacement ECM control must be an exact match to the OEM equipment model being serviced.

For more information about how Genteq replacement controls can help you grow service contracts and equipment sales, lower overhead costs, and increase your profits, talk to your OEM sales representative.