What Are You Replacing? Finding The Right Evergreen Motor

Designed as high-efficiency replacement motors, Evergreen motors use proven ECM technology for significant operating cost savings. Each Evergreen motor is built for rugged durability and designed for easy installation and maximum efficiency. Selecting the correct Evergreen replacement motor is critical for both commercial and residential applications. Help your customers beat the heat this summer by understanding which Evergreen replaces what type of OEM motor. 

Evergreen IM

Evergreen IM is designed to replace factory Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) indoor blower motors in HVAC systems and the Century Comfort Select - FB. Evergreen IM replaces PSC, direct drive, induction motors with the following ratings:

·         Horsepower: 1/4 - 1

·         RPM Rating: 1075

·         Voltage: 120 & 208-230

·         Rotation: CW & CWW

Evergreen IM is not approved to replace existing ECM X13 indoor blower motors and should not be used on twinned or belt drive systems. Two Evergreen IM models are available. 

Evergreen EM

Evergreen EM replaces OEM constant torque standard direct drive ECM indoor blower motors in residential and light commercial indoor furnaces, air handlers and package systems such as X13 or equivalent competitor models with 24VAC speed taps. The Evergreen EM replaces the following ratings:

·         Horsepower: 1/3 - 1

·         RPM Rating: 1070

·         Voltage: 115 or 208-230

·         Rotation CW & CCW

The Evergreen EM is preprogrammed at the factory which saves time at the counter and ensures proper motor performance. There's no complex wiring, plus it automatically senses motor rotation. 

Evergreen CM

Similar to the Evergreen EM, Evergreen CM also replaces OEM constant torque standard ECM Indoor blower motors such as X13 or equivalent competitor models with 24 VAC speed taps. Built for commercial heating and cooling applications, the CM replaces the following ratings:

·         Horsepower: 1/3 - 1

·         RPM Rating: 1070

·         Voltage: 208-230/277 or 460

·         Rotation: CW & CCW

The Evergreen CM can also be used to replace PSC motors in Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, air handlers and package systems that do not require on/off delays. 

Evergreen OM

The Evergreen OM is designed for outdoor condenser direct-drive fan propeller applications in residential systems up to 5 tons. The OM easily replaces 5 pole (1,075 RPM rated) and 8 pole (825 RPM rated) shaded pole or PSC motors. The Evergreen OM is available in 1/5 and 1/3 HP ratings. Evergreen OM is not approved to replace exiting ECM outdoor condenser fan motors. 

Evergreen PF

The Evergreen PF is designed specifically for pedestal and wall mounted fans typically found on factory floors in warehouses, amusement parks, institutional buildings and many other non-air conditioned environments. The built-in power cord, 3-speed pull chain and welded mount make it a drop-in ready replacement for the original pedestal fan motor, and cost effective alternative to replacing an entire fan assembly. 

Not Compatible With Evergreen

There are no generic replacements for Constant Airflow (Variable Speed) ECM. These motors can only be replaced with their OEM equivalent from an authorized distributor of the HVAC systems manufacture. Constant Airflow (Variable Speed) Communicated ECM Genteq models include 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 3.0 and EON. 

For more information on Evergreen, download the Evergreen Product Brochure.