Genteq DEC Star Motor and Blower Assembly

Genteq DEC Star Motor and Blower Assembly

FORT WAYNE, IN – Genteq introduces DEC Star, a new motor configuration/blower system for HVAC appliances such as furnaces, fan coil units, packaged units and ground coupled heat pumps. (DEC is short for Dual Efficiency Configuration)

DEC Star is a unique blower system that removes the motor from the blower inlet, eliminating restriction and improving system efficiencies. This technology, paired with Fasco’s existing High Efficiency Blower (HEB) product, reduces input wattage by 15 to 35 percent over standard blowers with traditional ECM motors.

“The design and innovation in the DEC Star motor are most definitely industry-changing,” says Paul Selking, Genteq’s HVAC industry leader. “This novel electromechanical design and integration deliver unparalleled airflow efficiency. DEC Star’s new design configuration, compactness, lightness and efficiency are truly revolutionary, and will facilitate some exciting advancements for our OEM partners.”

DEC Star includes an axial motor in a blower wheel, providing uniform airflow, which improves heat transfer, reduces hot spots and reduces pressure drop across the appliance. A shaft-less rotor system allows the impeller to be hub-less.

Benefits of the DEC Star include:

•Improved system calibration

•Reduced finished goods inventory, WIP and labor expenses

•Reduced shipping expenses of multiple parts

•Reduced pallet location in warehouse

•Total unit weight reduction of approximately 6 pounds DEC Star has a 10-inch wheel diameter and is available with various widths.

This article appeared in HVACR Business.

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