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Meet the new standard for HVAC equipment: the X13 standard ECM. When 13 SEER became the new minimum rating for residential AC units in 2006, equipment manufacturers called for a blower motor with improved efficiency over PSC motors. To answer the call, Genteq developed standard ECM, a new category of motor made specifically to help meet the needs of 13 SEER.

Standard ECMs are similar in function to a PSC, with a minimal speed range, the ability to choose from 1-5 discrete speed taps, and no programmable features. The key difference is that X13 offers improved efficiency over the PSC, built upon over 20 years of proven, reliable ECM technology. With the ever-increasing need for higher efficiency equipment, expect to see all PSC motors replaced with standard ECM in the next 10 years. X13 offers up to 33% greater efficiency than a PSC at rated speed, and up to 200% in constant fan mode.

With the addition of X13, there are now three kinds of motors found in new equipment: PSC motors have the lowest efficiencies, a minimal speed range and no programmable features. Standard ECMs have better efficiency than a PSC, but with a limited speed range and no advanced features. Premium ThinkTank ECMs have the highest efficiency and advanced features like self-adjusting constant airflow, climate-specific operating profiles, fully variable speed range, and digital communication.


  • Variable speed operation from 600-1100 rpm
  • Up to Five selectable constant torque settings controlled by 24VAC inputs
  • 5 fixed speeds
  • 4kV surge protection
  • Single Shaft extension


  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • Constant torque with fewer External Static Pressure Limitations
  • External or programmed off delay/External timer controlled on delay
  • Encapsulated Electronics
  • Improved High Static CFM performance